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shredder: any last words, turtle


leo: knock knock


leo: I fucked your daughter

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Just screencapping and caught really good ones of Leo and Mikey. Tried to get good Raph and Don ones too but they go by so fast. XD Lookit the cuuuuuute little faces!!!!

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Stories that Give Me Hope.

Stories that make me cry

I’m sobbing.

what is this moisture coming from my eyes

my eyeballs are leaking


The last one though

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so, do you feel lucky?

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%100 sexy!! <333 Don't EVER call yourself ugly ; 3 ;

100% thanks you! Huehuehue

It’s kinda hard not to when people say certain things but I don’t let it affect me…

Thank you annony!

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Okay so here are some more pics from the tmnt art exhibit at gallery nucleus in LA ( http://www.gallerynucleus.com/gallery/exhibition/436) PART 2

The first pic looks loosely based off the 2007 tmnt movie
The second picture was just adorable showing Donnie, April. Casey, Raph, Mikey, Leo, Karai and Ice Cream Kitty all enjoying a giant pizza. If you look closely Leo is reading a space heros comic book and karai is just SO over it. The leorai feels are real in that pic. Donnie’s face is also priceless
Next is a cool pic showing the tmnt 2012 villains shredder raazar fish face and tigerclaw with the turtles in the background.
The next few are some really cool design sketches by animators if the tmnt 2012 series.
Next is a cool piece of foot clan artwork
Last is the original design for the turtles and April and I can’t believe April was originally designed to be blonde! Thank god that didn’t happen!